FAQs' related to SMMServices.Pk

Common Abbreviations

  • Start Time Means How much time it will take for service to be in progress
  • Speed Means the Quantity that can be delivered in Specific Time (Usually Day)
  • HQ means Service is of High Quality
  • BEST means Service has a good history of Delivering Work
  • Refunded means order is cancelled and money is auto added back to your account.
  • Partial Refund means only partial payment is deducted
  • Cancelled means order is cancelled also amount is added back to your account.
  • Pending means order is in queue and not yet processed by server.
  • Completed means your order is completed.

What if My Order is not starting?

Simply contact us. Do not order again on that link if previous is nor yet cancelled or refunded.

Do you ask for Any Login Details for sending likes etc?

No, we never ask you to provide your account login details or any type of access like access token. Make sure your account or post or tweet etc privacy settings are public so our server can fetch them.

My Newly Added funds are not updated yet?

Please allow 2-3 hours for office time or 5-6 hours in non-office time to update funds.

Do you offer a refund for services?

We have a refund policy please check that out the link is given above.

How Much time will my order take to complete?

We cannoot provide order completeion time. Every service has its own start time and speed. You can estimate using that.

What is Refill?

If a service offers refill than it means if its likes/provided service drops we will readd them untill the end count.


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If you have further inquiries then please contact support,